Increase Production Capacity

SpindlePRO improves capacity utilization with real-time dashboards and alerts for production downtime, maintenance downtime and to match resources to meet customer demands. Problems with your equipment? SpindlePRO will tell you right away so you can respond quickly, prioritize maintenance issues and eliminate losses. Staff waiting because they have nothing to process or a conveyor is full? SpindlePRO tracks that too, plus a Requirements dashboard shows exactly what is left to process by work area and classification and alerts in real-time if demand is met and the product is still being processed.


Track downtime when and where it happens. Visualize production losses caused by: no product, downstream delay, cleaning, no employee and no demand. Also see where your maintenance issues are causing losses, log the root causes and categorize whether it was scheduled or an emergency. Use the real-time information to respond and prioritize and the historical data to improve preventative maintenance schedules.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness or OEE is a simple metric used in many manufacturing and processing industries. OEE is often used as a corporate benchmarking tool to see where capacity is lost: availability of equipment or resources to process; performance of employees; or quality produced. SpindlePRO software makes quick work of calculating the data allowing you to use it in real-time at the facility. Quickly summarizing capacity losses with the capability to drill down to equipment and lane level. It’s also easy to identify where you have extra capacity and can fill or redeploy equipment.

There is no substitute for real-time data and your facility is no exception. Track your production requirements in real-time as your labor and equipment complete their planned work. Monitor down to the individual employee, machine or classification to identify production shortages, overages or delays. Use the dashboard to quickly and accurately reallocate resources where needed and ensure you are processing what you need to meet your customers demands.

Analyze the status of all existing machines and proactively prevent maintenance surprises with the prioritization dashboard. Log preventative maintenance activities, determine effectiveness of repairs and top equipment failures to plan for future projects.

Real-time tracking analysis offers context and reporting for when production is low, such as when maintenance took place, or employees were unavailable.


Improve Capacity Utilization by 10-20%

Monitor Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Easily keep track of the following:

  • Availability: is your equipment available at designated capability when scheduled for production?
  • Performance: is production meeting or exceeding standard rates?
  • Quality: is quality being replicated as required?

Additionally, SpindlePRO calculates pounds or kilograms processed per operator hour (PPOH or KOH), and can assess equipment productivity in pieces per hour for each machine, from your wash floor to your finishing areas.

Watch Equipment Activity as it Happens

SpindlePRO allows you to monitor all your existing equipment in real-time, ensuring that each is being used for maximum productivity and efficiency. From here, you can determine which machines are available for use, and quickly identify which have met their quotas for the day or need maintenance.