Increase Employee Productivity

Choosing SpindleLIVE will increase your employees' productivity while giving you access to the visual workplace. The use of visual dashboards in real-time helps to track employees, analyze reports, see what equipment is available, and much more! SpindleLIVE provides the right information, to the right people, at the right time.

SpindleLIVE Key Features


Spindle’s Visual Workplace follows LEAN principals of displaying information at the point of use. Your team want to do a great job and we give them the information at their work stations to achieve that and know what it feels like to perform well. Visual Dashboards available on desktop or mobile allow managers to support productivity improvements.

Every activity is tracked and has a target. Datashares, machine integrations and Direct Labor Login Stations allow for individual employee tracking, so you can see automated tasks, enter manual tasks, and be alerted of non-standard or non-productive tasks. Keep your workplace running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Monitor employee feedback and productivity through Supervisor and Manager dashboards and alerts, available for your convenience on both desktop and mobile. Keep track of productivity whether you’re at your desk or on the floor. Alerted of an employee’s late return from lunch, run a simple exception report to see if it’s a chronic issue. Build a management routine around the comprehensive suite of reports.

Effortlessly track daily production tasks such as hand folding with Spindle's Barcode, Bluetooth Buttons, Light frames and manual entry technology.

A comprehensive onboarding program ensures you start making efficiency improvements right away. Continue to boost productivity with targeted analysis, weekly KPI reporting, informative webinars and advanced training.


Improve Productivity by 10%

Utilize The Visual Workplace in Real-Time

The visual dashboard uplifts the SpindleLIVE experience, allowing for an overall, high-level view of overall equipment effectiveness. Our software connects and integrates data from each aspect of your business, including previously untracked metrics of your labor force to ensure maximum efficiency moving forward. SpindleLIVE provides the right information, to the right people, at the right time.

Employee Tracking

Your production standards are set for each of your stations. Now what? From here, the visual dashboard allows for monitoring of each employee’s productivity and efficiency levels. Any issues can be addressed timely, positively impacting your bottom line. The full scope of productivity is calculated from the time an employee clocks in to the time he or she clocks out. For the most accurate picture, we recommend tracking all work performed, across all stations.