Start Small…Scale Up…Take Off

There’s a Spindle product that’s right for your business

Organizations of all sizes can see immediate results from Spindle, with a tiered product model that can kickstart your growth engine wherever you begin…then scale up to support that growth.

Internet of Things (IoT) Kit
Step into Spindle and watch actionable data begin to flow with this
simple “starter” kit, featuring an affordable entry price point. Each kit
provides everything you need to connect a single piece of equipment to
the cloud, which immediately starts transmitting information back to you.

Make even more progress with SpindleLIVE, which provides the infrastructure for all Spindle functionality, but focuses on Visual Workplace tools for employee tracking and engagement, along with insights into equipment availability and utilization.

Ready to shift into high gear? SpindlePRO builds on the features in SpindleLIVE to include downtime and maintenance analytics, KPI scorecard and other advanced reporting functions, that enable real-time requirements planning – and can improve capacity utilization up to 20%.



  • Visual Workplace
  • Employee Tracking
  • Real-Time Dashboards and Alerts
  • Track Hourly Tasks without Standard
  • Equipment Availability
  • Analyst Team Support
  • Infrastructure for All Spindle Functionality
  • Increase Employee Productivity by 10%
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness OEE
  • Downtime Analysis
  • Maintenance Analysis
  • Real Time Requirements Planning
  • KPI Scorecard
  • Advanced Reporting Matrix
  • Improve Capacity Utilization by 10-20%
  • Water & Energy Features
  • Understand energy usage
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Find savings opportunities
  • Optimize equipment efficiency
  • Real-time energy overconsumption alerting
  • Dryer Features
  • Improve dryer turn time
  • Monitor dryer safety concerns
  • Powerful and intuitive dashboard and reporting
  • Remote monitoring
  • Ensure proper loading efficiency
  • RailWATCH Features
  • Real time visibility to product availability
  • Monitor daily requirements
  • Remote monitoring and alerting
  • Ensure proper load weights
  • Intuitive web portals and reports

Popular Add-Ons

  • Options
  • SpindleREADY Data Share
  • Equipment Data Share
  • Time Clock Export
  • Incentive Scheme Export
  • Business Information System Import/Export
  • Description
  • File sharing with one of our industry partners
  • File sharing to exchange data between multiple applications
  • Export your time clock data for analysis or import directly into your payroll program
  • Accurately maintain, predict and track employee incentive pay to match your corporate performance strategy
  • Import / export classification standards, equipment information, employee payroll data or any other Spindle related data points
  • Consulting
  • World-Class Benchmarking Study
  • Analysis Audit
  • Natural Gas Equipment Optimization
  • Description
  • Industry expert analysis comparing best methods, practices, and processes based on customer specific objective
  • Onsite operations specialist visit to identify production opportunities
  • Onsite engineer visit to identify, investigate and implement system efficiency improvement plan to lower operating costs and improve equipment performance.