SpindlePRO improves capacity utilization, while also giving you access to real-time data, downtime tracking and analysis. The visual dashboard uplifts the SpindlePRO experience, allowing for an overall, high-level view of overall equipment effectiveness. Our software connects and integrates data from each aspect of your business, including previously untracked metrics of your labor force to ensure maximum efficiency moving forward. SpindlePRO provides the right information, to the right people, at the right time.

Capacity Utilization with SpindlePRO


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Key Components

Visual Workplace

Employee Tracking

Exceptional Reporting

Track Hourly Tasks without Standard

Equipment Availability

Analysis Team Support

Overall Equipment Effectiveness OEE

Downtime Analysis

Maintenance Analysis

Real Time Requirements Planning

KPI Scorecard

Advanced Reporting Matrix

Improve Capacity Utilization by 10-20%

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What you don’t know about your equipment, can hurt you! Success Stories from Spindle Customers.


Engaging your workforce in REAL-TIME- Success Stories from Spindle Customers!