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The laundry industry has gone digital. Your laundry operations process is likely a series of moving parts armed with a steady flow of information. Relying on outdated software and old operations processes can quickly leave your operations below the fold. It’s important to stay up-to-date, but connecting and integrating data from all your equipment and labor resources can be cumbersome and time consuming.​

Iron Out The Kinks: Production Software That Integrates With Your Existing Laundry Equipment

Maximize equipment utilization. Improve employee productivity.

Spindle helps put some starch in your capacity utilization, while also giving you access to real-time data, downtime tracking and analysis. Our software connects and integrates data from each aspect of your business, including previously untracked metrics of your labor force, to ensure maximum efficiency moving forward. Spindle provides the right information, to the right people, at the right time.​

Optimizing Your Operations From Time Tracking to Equipment Effectiveness

Spindle’s operations management software is ideal for industrial laundry operations, which rely on a coordinated effort between man and machine. Our visual workplace philosophy, in conjunction with cutting edge technology and the analyst team’s operating expertise, delivers significant increases in capacity utilization and lower labor costs.

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3. Monitor

4. Optimize

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Cleaning Up Safety Concerns

High production demand can easily result in a laundry facility’s floors becoming congested and cluttered with linens and laundry products, creating an inefficient and a potentially dangerous work environment. Spindle software replaces this safety concern with an effective process for organizing items. Spindle also reduces fire risks in the laundry industry with the Dryer Plugin safety alerts that warn operators about dryers that haven't followed the correct purge or cool down cycles.

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How Spindle Software Finds And Fixes Inefficiencies

Spindle’s solution is dedicated to synthesizing raw data into actionable insights – giving you all the information you need to adjust your laundry operation for maximum performance. We also help you streamline and simplify reporting needs on all aspects of your business to keep you competitive and meeting customer demand.

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Spindle Laundry Improve perfromance

People & Passion - Improve Performance With Smarter Decisions

Spindle helps commercial laundry operations teams exceed production standards, increasing efficiency per operator while reducing labor cost through more efficient operations. The improvements result in increased team morale and production flexibility -- making your good workplace great!

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The PPOH improvement has exceeded our expectations, but more importantly our employees can feel what success feels like because of the real time feedback and that is priceless.

– Vaughn Austin, Aramark

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