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Spindle’s operations management software is used by over 250+ customers in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Our visual workplace is used in combination with cutting edge technology and industry analyst expertise to deliver significant increases in capacity utilization and lower labor costs.

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Modern information systems help predict the outcomes of increasing productivity, quality and flexibility within the manufacturing industry, and those that understand how to maximize these analytics will have a significant advantage over the competition. Big data analytics requires integrating multiple systems. Spindle's operations management software and service provides insight to our customers to provide them with the correct big data content, and generate the right algorithms capable of addressing previously invisible issues such as machine degradation, component wear and labor.

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Cloud computing continues to play a vital role to ensure industries can access and store their information remotely. The development of network technology is crucial for Industry 4.0, as any insights and efficiencies generated by "Internet of Things" devices are only useful if they are easily and quickly accessed. As the leading developer of operations management software for the industrial and institutional laundry space, Spindle’s cloud based software as a service model helps move your data to the cloud, providing you with the right information at the right time.


The internet of things (IoT) is a network of physical objects – devices, buildings, machines, sensors and network connectivity - that enables these objects to collect and exchange data. Spindle’s revolutionary combination of hardware, software and expertise helps our customers master the IoT revolution. Knowing what information is valuable to the customer and applying our industry expertise allows for meaningful interpretation of data, as well as unique and effective solutions that eliminate waste and increase utilization.


Traditional manufacturing is in the throes of a digital transformation that is accelerated by exponentially growing technologies. To remain competitive, companies and their industrial processes must adapt to these changes. Spindle software addresses the two biggest components of inefficiencies by integrating labor and utilities data. In addition to the integration of data, Spindle brings personal service to the software equation by providing meaningful reports for both management and those working on the lines.


Increase productivity and reduce costs
with smart technology and real-time data

In today’s smart factories, machinery and computer systems carry out complex tasks, exchanging information and instructing each other without the need for human involvement. Industry 4.0 relies heavily on the growing Internet of Things (IoT) – equipment and other devices embedded with technology that can communicate with IT systems and be sensor-detected. Cloud computing technology supports these millions of sensors and devices, managing the storage and flow of information they create.

Spindle’s Internet of Things (IoT) Kit is an ideal way for businesses to take their first step into utilizing these critical technologies. Containing everything you need to connect a single piece of existing equipment to the cloud, this Spindle entry point gets you started at an affordable price point…allowing staff to start receiving information from this equipment in real time.

Whether your organization has a single location, operates multiple plants, or is a large multinational enterprise, Spindle can provide vast benefits, providing access to up-to-the second information on the metrics that matter most to your success.

Continuous Improvement And Thought Leadership

We embrace continuous improvement and active listening in the industries we supply, and we've put this into practice. The Spindle Technical Advisory Council (STAC) provides a regular forum to engage with Spindle’s key customers for discussions and insight into industry trends, emerging technology shifts and strategic directions for Spindle products in the commercial laundry Industry.

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Spindle’s visual workplace gives employees critical and instant access to the information they need when they need it, and in an easy-to-read format, eliminating time spent wasted and waiting. Our visual workplace improves overall productivity, cost, quality and equipment optimization.

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As we enter the disruptive era of Industry 4.0, smart connected devices and the internet of things, we are committed to helping our customers evolve to remain competitive in their industries. As a trusted partner, we have invested in the resources, technology and experts to transform our client’s operations, and get them to their goals of leading their industries.