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Food packing organizations face many unique challenges – from food safety to plant safety to an extremely diverse workforce. These issues can greatly impact how production lines are set up, as well as the way employees are managed in an environment where considerable labor resources are dedicated to production lines and plant and equipment maintenance. Competing in an arena of big global food manufacturing organizations – and tight margins – food processors of all sizes need innovative solutions that can provide real-time data with actionable insights

Production software that integrates with your existing equipment

Spindle connects managers with the status of all facility equipment from the production floor to the packaging areas and everywhere in between.

Spindle integrates with your existing equipment and provides actionable data to influence decisions on labor, equipment and energy efficiency with easy-to-read and interpret digital dashboards. Spindle gives you better visibility to all areas of your operations – including labor variables.

Optimizing Your Operations From Time Tracking to Equipment Effectiveness

Food processing operations are labor intensive. Spindle’s operations management software is ideal for food processing operations that rely on a coordinated effort between man and machine. Our visual workplace philosophy is used in combination with cutting edge technology and our analyst team’s manufacturing expertise to deliver significant increases in capacity utilization and lower labor costs. Spindle’s equipment effectiveness solutions extend to energy efficiencies as another area to reduce costs in utilities, machinery performance and creative manufacturing techniques.

1. Integrate

2. Train

3. Monitor

4. Optimize

Eliminate Downtime
and Waste

Food processing margins are tight. Extending visibility and actionable reporting to every cost area is key to winning the margin game. Your employees will be empowered by seeing what needs to be done and being able to make real-time adjustments.

The Improvements result in an increased bottom line improvements, boosted team morale and production flexibility – making your good workplace great!

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How Our Software Finds & Fixes Inefficiencies

Spindle’s solution is dedicated to synthesizing raw data into actionable insights – giving you all the information you need to adjust your operations for maximum performance.

Our project managers will help you devise ways to track manual tasks and create standards for activities you have not previously monitored.

We keep you competitive by helping you streamline and simplify your reporting needs on all aspects of your operations.

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Improve Performance
with Smarter Decisions

Spindle helps operations teams exceed production standards, increasing efficiency per operator while reducing labor cost through more efficient operations. The improvements result in increased team morale and production flexibility, making your good workplace great!

Whether you’re a large bakery operation, an emerging fruit and vegetable processor or a dairy product manufacturer – we’ve got solutions to maximize efficiencies and boost margins specifically for your organization and your operational challenges!

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For one of our start-up herb packaging clients, managing growth means relying on their dedicated employees to help drive performance to meet their goals and continue delivering the high quality products their consumers enjoy. In order to remain competitive, the company implemented Spindle’s productivity and operational efficiency software to accurately track performance in real-time.

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