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Visualize Employee Productivity

All employees want to stay productive and contribute positively to the company. Our visual employee feedback displays help them do just that. Spindle provides the right information, to the right people, at the right time--through the use of visual dashboards. The result? An engaged workforce able to improve capacity utilization by 10-20%.

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Operational Efficiency -- At All Times

We connect and integrate data from all of your existing equipment and previously untracked metrics of your labor force. By collecting this data, analyzing it and providing a single and simple stream of actionable information, we save your organization precious time in achieving its performance goals.

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Meet customer demands

Capacity utilization is key to meeting customer demands in today’s market. Spindle helps visualize your customer’s requirements and guides you to applying resources to the necessary activities to meet today’s orders. Flexibility in planning and execution allows production to respond to the unexpected.

Learn how Spindle’s Lean approach aligns all resources, so everyone works together to meet demand.

Spindle is More than 1’s & 0’s

Beyond providing software that makes sense of all of your data, tracked and untracked, we provide the integration, connectivity, training and expertise to drive results for your organization. Quite simply, we deliver improved margins and reduced costs.

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